December 2, 2014


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“I hope that we can work together on future projects, and achieve similar excellent results.”

-Steven M. Johnson, Program Manager
Hewlett Packard

The ASCI team won “Best Use of Technology” at the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon in May of 2015 (Article)

ASCI has been written about in Fortune Magazine (link here) and other tech and news publications over the past 25 years.

“High-Tech Mex Guadalajara, with its stable work force, is the favorite Mexican factory town of sophisticated U.S. companies. Guadalajara’s electronics plants are as bright, shining, and sophisticated as those in Charlotte, Milpitas, or Huntsville. Your IBM laptop almost certainly was. The new Microsoft X-Box, the video game player your kid is pestering you to buy, is being built there.”

– Philip Siekman
Fortune Magazine

“We could hire a local outsourcing company but they do not have the technical knowledge, experience and commitment that we get from ASCI’s team.”
“Please give them a bonus; they worked late and on weekends to finish the project on time.”
“We look forward to working with ASCI on future business opportunities.”

– John Boldon, Firmware Engineer
Hewlett Packard