Learn about your neighborhood

June 23, 2015

ASCI introduces Move In?, the most effective tool for discovering the truth about your neighborhood. Move In? is an interactive map which allows users to quickly filter through incidences of noise, illicit activity, vandalism, vagrancy and litter. Data is sourced directly from the City of San Diego and updated weekly. This is app is made possible by the Open Development Services Department, Open DSD, which enables Code Enforcement Case Searches and makes data accessible to developers.

The idea for Move In? originated at the AT&T Hackathon held at Cybertech in San Diego, earlier this month. Built by Ana and Sergio Fernandez of ASCI, a father-daughter team, the App won the Best Use of Technology prize. Competitors were challenged with finding useful and creative applications of city data. After looking closely at the types of incidences reported, the team decided that people might want to know what is really going on in their neighborhoods. They isolated keywords that help reduce the plethora of information into five general categories of concern.

Move In? helps users gage safety and appeal with ease and is available for free at the App Store.

You never know what is lurking right around the corner



“Sergio and Ana Fernandez, winners of “best use of technology,” created an easy- to-use mobile app to find out which factors impact neighborhoods.”